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Multilaterale Organizations

EQA is committed to making a positive impact and collaborating with multilateral and bilateral organizations to achieve this. These partnerships play a critical role in helping EQA achieve its goals and make a lasting difference in the world. EQA works closely with a variety of organizations, including the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, to bring about meaningful change and support initiatives that align with its values and mission.

Some of our main clients are:


world bank

The World Bank - WB: As a trusted supplier of the World Bank (WB), EQA has been awarded the esteemed opportunity to verify the first report on the allocation of sovereign green bonds for the Republic of Colombia.



Inter-American Development Bank - IDB: From EQA we have supported The Green Bond Transparency Platform (GBTP), an initiative developed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to promote transparency in the green bond market in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).


National Organizations



Chilean Development Corporation - CORFO, Chile: Comprehensive evaluation management of research, development and innovation projects presented to COR-FO through its financing instruments. To date, EQA has evaluated more than 3,000 projects for CORFO at the national and regional level in the following calls for proposals:

  • Create and validate — businesses and cooperatives
  • Public goods
  • Innova Hi-Tech
  • R&D Tax Incentive Law
  • Create and Validate - Circular Economy



Chilean Ministry of Finance: Verification of the first Annual Report of Sovereign Green Bonds issued by the Republic of Chile for the amount of USD 2.4 trillion.



Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain: The Certification of research, development and innovation projects to obtain tax benefits for research, development and innovation (RD1432 / 2003).



Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications of Costa Rica: Comprehensive management of evaluation of research, development and innovation projects in the field of prevention, detection, treatment and health consequences derived from Covid-19.




National Council of Science and Technology - CONACYT, Paraguay:Evaluation of Innovation projects ID Nº675, within the framework of the project "Innovation in Paraguayan companies" (PROINNOVA).


Regional Organizations



Corporación de Fomento de Chile - CORFO, Tarapacá Region: Comprehensive evaluation management of research, development and innovation projects presented to CORFO in the Tarapacá Region, through its financing instruments.



Competitive Business Agency – ACCIÓ, Spain: Scientific-technical evaluation of industrial research and experimental development projects.



Andalusia Agency for Innovation and Development - IDEA, Spain: Scientific-technical evaluation of research, development and innovation projects in the call for grant proposals.



Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia - INFO, Spain: Scientific-technical evaluation of Research and Development projects at technology centers in the Murcia region, which will receive grants.



Galician Innovation Agency - GAIN, Spain: Scientific-technical evaluation of R&D projects submitted to the program: “Future Industries 4.0 - Smart Factory”.



Valencian Innovation Agency - AVI, Spain: Evaluation of scientific-technical excellence, technological maturity and degree of novelty in the innovation of projects with R + D + i content.



General Directorate of Innovation of the Government of Navarra, Spain: Evaluation of the applications submitted to the 2020 call for grants to technology cen-ters and research organizations for the implementation of collaborative R&D projects.


Gobierno de La Rioja

General Directorate for Reindustrialization, Innovation and Internationalization of the Government of La Rioja, Spain: Evaluation of Collaborative experimental development and innovation projects that tackle challenges in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja submitted to the call RETOS (Res. 2779/2021).



Basque Business Development Agency - SPRI, Spain: Evaluation of Research and Development projects for Lot 6 “New Materials”.




Universidad de Navarra

Scientific evaluation of research activity required within the framework of the "Professional Development Program for Research Staff of the University of Navarra (PDPI)“



Scientific-technical evaluation of projects submitted to the XIII call for grants for research, development, and innovation groups - Santander UAX 2022 required by the Alfonso X el Sabio University (UAX)



Evaluation of the Call for grants to promote research projects in gender studies, inclusion and social sustainability included in the Plan for Research, Transfer and Scientific Dissemination of the University of Malaga.

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