We manage the independent evaluation
of your R&D and innovation projects
International verification of R&D, innovation and sustainability
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Independent Evaluations of your Research, Development and Innovation Projects

The evaluation of R&D and innovation projects consists of a scientific-technical evaluation, by means of which an independent subject matter expert (SME) determines whether it is a research, development or innovation project. This distinction is made according to the requirements and evaluation criteria established in the corresponding regulations or call for pro-posals as well as the suitability of the proposed methodology and budget. We offer our evaluation services to a wide range of clients from both the public and private sectors.


Why contract with EQA:

  • Our expertise and capacity in managing large volumes of research, development and innovation evaluations (EQA conducts over 8,000 evaluations annually) allow us to guarantee efficient evaluation periods with an average turnaround time of 15-25 days.
  • Absence of conflict of interest: the impartiality and objectivity of the evaluations carried out as a third party verifying agent.
  • Technical evaluation capability: the quality and quantity of SME that we have at our disposal.

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