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International verification of R&D, innovation and sus-tainability
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EQA has more than 25 years of experience as an independent certification, evaluation and verification agency. Accredited by ENAC, the national accreditation agency of Spain, EQA provides a service that is trusted by clients, both within Spain and around the globe.

We carry out third-party work in a competent, objective and independent manner, providing all interested parties with the confidence and security necessary to facilitate correct decision-making. A hallmark of EQA is personalized service and a vocation for customer service based on deep technical knowledge, adaptation to the uniqueness of each organization and continuous improvement.

EQA is an industry leader in Spain and Latin America, working with both public and private sector organizations, wherever a trusted third party is needed. As an industry leader, we also participate in various professional organizations creating opinion and collaborating to draft standards, frameworks and various interpretation documents.

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